5 Rules To Wear Daytime Makeup

5 Rules To Wear Daytime Makeup

After diamonds, makeup is a girl’s best friend. Whether you are a working girl or a home maker, you love to look great day and night. But you must agree that there is a huge difference in the way we do our makeup for our daily office wear and for our night out. Yes we love our glitter and voluminous lashes along with those bright hued lips, but there is a fine line between subtle and over the edge.

I am here to help you ace the simple rules for the subtle makeup. Daytime makeup is a bit tricky coz broad daylight can just bring out our imperfections (if any). We usually wear makeup to hide those imperfections, to look presentable and pretty. But wrong kind of makeup can ruin the entire look; make you look out of place. With these rules, you can never go wrong!

5 Rules To Wear Daytime Makeup


It is not only the rule for your day time makeup; it is THE RULE for everyday. We often forget to put on our sunscreen not realizing that it not only forms the base for our makeup but also protects our skin from sun damage.  Ladies before you step out of the house do not forget to wear sunscreen. If you do not like to use a dedicated one, wear a foundation or your daily moisturizer which has built in sunscreen. You do not want to get a bad tan or worse- Wrinkles and Sunburn. Prepare your skin with a sound foundation of sunscreen.


During day time, you should not try dramatic eye makeup. Don’t go overboard with your eyeliner. Keep it simple and choose color of your eyeliner according to the color of your eye. Heavily pigmented black eyeliner looks a bit too loud for daytime. Use charcoal grey, brown colored eyeliners to highlight the best feature of your face. Even if you love your black eyeliner you should apply just near the waterline of the eyelids. Keep the dramatic eyeliner for the evening wear as they make your eyes look smaller. At the same time you can try pink, champagne, lilac or peach tones of eye shadows. Dab on some mascara to give a definition to your eye. While applying the eye shadow make sure that the color should not be glittery, a mild shimmer will go a long way to complete your daytime look.


During day, you do not need pouty lips that shout color. Try and use a subtle lip color to match your eye makeup. Sheer gloss and nude beige colors will complete your office wear. You can also opt for light pinks and mild oranges. You can even experiment with red color to suit your mood. Make sure that your lip color is cream based coz you do not want a cakey lipstick. You can dab on your gloss anytime to freshen up your face.

5 Rules To Wear Daytime Makeup



If you use false eyelashes regularly, I suggest you keep them locked inside for a night out. During day time using false eyelashes are a huge blunder. You should rather use volume defining mascara that will curl your lashes as well as give you the voluminous look that you desire.


I know you love to contour your face’s features, daytime is a little harsh on the fake illusions, and thus contouring your features may look a bit overdone. Subtle highlighting will give you the desired look without making you look packing makeup.  Use a mild bronzer for your check bones to give that warm glow.

I must add that you need to be very careful about the color coordination of your clothes and your makeup. Choose the right kind of colors according to your best physical and accentuate it without overdoing it. Apart from all these rules, you must wear something that you are comfortable in. don’t do anything that makes your conscious of your surroundings and make you uncomfortable. Your attitude is the best thing that you can wear, so make sure that you wear your perfect smile along with your great attitude and follow the above steps for that fun, confidant great woman that you are.