Can You Mix Sunscreen With a Foundation?
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Can You Mix Sunscreen With a Foundation?

Most of the foundation comes with SPF in it, but if you have a foundation that doesn’t contain SPF, you can mix any sunscreen with SPF to it. Make sure you add only a few drops in your foundation as it can make your skin drier. People with oily skin might not work effectively on your skin; therefore, one must choose the best foundation with SPF.

There is a proper step to apply the foundation with SPF. Don’t mix your sunscreen SPF thoroughly with the foundation; use some moisturizer or primer before applying foundation directly onto the skin, as these will help your skin to moisturize properly. You can apply some toner before applying moisturizer. It will give a perfect look for makeup.

Sunscreen comes in various types; if you use a chemical sunscreen, then mixing it with your foundation will not give significant results. Although sunscreen is an essential part of the skincare routine, mix chemical sunscreen with the foundation is not an answer. Let’s look at some steps on how to use sunscreen with a foundation effectively.

Can You Mix Sunscreen With a Foundation?

How to do perfect makeup using the best foundation with SPF?

Makeup is an art, and anyone can become a professional makeup artist if they follow the proper sequence of makeup. Applying foundation only on your skin won’t help much and can lead to some wrinkles formation when it dry ups. Using face moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, and toner can help you get the best skin for applying foundation. Before the foundation, one should follow specific steps for glowing makeup like effects.

Choose and wear sunscreen!

  • There are enormous sunscreen ranges that are available in the market today. A person should choose SPF 15 or above as professionals recommend this for better protection. For regular and daily usage, SPF 15 and SPF 30. If you spend most of your time outdoors in bright light or sun, then using SPF of 30-35 is a better option for you.
  • A person’s skin tone also plays a crucial role in choosing the SPF. Using sunscreen daily is the right choice; it will protect you from the sun rays. Many women frequently ask the question that using sunscreen during winter is effective or not.
  • The answer to this question is yes, it’s useful; you can use SPF 15 in that case. Sun radiations are everywhere, and the only solution to protect your skin from it is through SPF. Apply sunscreen on your entire face, don’t forget the neck area and near ears. Use minimum sunscreen; a half tablespoon is enough to cover the full face. Pat your skin until you feel your sunscreen is absorbed into layers of skin.

Use moisturizer!

  • Applying moisturizer after sunscreen is a more effective way, and it is suitable for those who have much dry skin. In many cases, skin becomes drier after putting sunscreen on; therefore, it is better to add on some moisturizer skin to remain hydrated and fresh for a longer duration.
  • As winters are approaching and almost everybody skin starts to lose hydration and becomes more dry and scaly. To avoid such things, using a high-quality moisturizer is a reliable thing. Apply moisturizer on the skin with clean hands. Once you feel your skin is hydrated, you can move to another step of applying foundation. Moreover, you can use a primer to hide spots on your face.

Apply foundation!

Can You Mix Sunscreen With a Foundation?

  • After done with sunscreen and moisturizer, you can move to the step where you can apply foundation without further thinking. Foundation is the most significant element of doing makeup; you can use the best foundation with SPF to make your skin more glowing and beautiful.
  • Don’t apply many foundations to your skin; only use that much to hide your spots and make you look more clean and radiant. If you are using a liquid foundation, then use 2-3 drops is more than enough to cover your entire face. Make sure you choose the right color according to your skin. For foundation, you can use a brush, sponge, or your hands.
  • The best way to use foundation is through brush or hands but ensure with your hands that they should be clean before using foundation. Just dab the foundation using a tool or your hand. Ensure it absorbs deep into layers and doesn’t feel like you have applied anything on your face. It must look natural when you use it on your skin. 

Add waterproof makeup items to complete your look!

  • After doing the necessary step until foundation, you can complete your whole look using some makeup items such as mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and powder. As we said earlier, applying foundation alone on the skin won’t give you the perfect makeup look.
  • You must try some other makeup items for better looks. Putting such things on the face is not necessary, but if you apply, you will look prettier and classy. You can skip this step; it’s upto you how you want to look.

Reapply your sunscreen

  • The last and final step is to apply sunscreen again on the skin. Once you have done all the necessary things, using sunscreen again on the face will give you more protection as it acts as a shield. Professionals suggest this so that your makeup settle down, and you don’t feel any stickiness on your skin.
  • Professionals even recommend applying sunscreen every 2-3 hours; we understand that with a busy schedule and environment, it is not easy to put sunscreen, again and again, therefore using the best foundation with SPF is a reliable choice for a woman. You can buy such a foundation that comes with SPF as they are easier to use, and you don’t have to follow all steps; just apply foundation, and there you go for outings freely.

Wrap up!

Mixing a foundation with SPF is not a much practical choice, but it is safer; you can use them separately. It will work better and give you a brighter and refresh makeup look. You can buy a foundation that has SPF in it; it will work even better.