How to Use Rose Water at Night?
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How to Use Rose Water at Night?

Our generation’s face has become so dull and dry due to the excessive pollutants and dirt prevailing in our environment. It is so essential to have a skincare routine daily. A proper skincare regimen has several steps in that which provides huge benefits to our skin, especially to the skin of our face.
The first step is deep cleansing of our face’s skin, either from a foam-based cleanser, oil-based, or water-based. You can use a nice quality face wash for a foam-based cleanser, a milk one instead of an oil-based one, as applying too much oil causes acne. Rosewater is known to be the best cleanser in the category of water-based.
Rosewater can either be used as a cleanser or as a toner too, after using the toner. After that comes the step of scrubbing the dead skin cells of your skin, then closing the pores with a good mask, after that hydrating the entire masked area with a nice face cream or moisturizer.

How to Use Rose Water at Night?

5 Essential products to use in steps for thoroughly cleansing your face

There are a total of 5 steps to do in your nighttime skincare regimen; the following are mentioned in detail below:


This is the first step to the daily regimen. It helps in cleansing your pores from all the assembled waste in your skin follicles or pores. There are many types of cleansers available in the market, like oil-based or water-based. If you have dry skin, you are advised to use oil-based cleansers but use water-based if you are having oily skin.

How to Use Rose Water at Night?


Toners are generally somewhat acidic. Best rose water toner is the one which has been made by the most natural procedure by distilling the rose leaves from steam. Rosewater is a nice toner as compared to others because too much acid disturbs our skin’s ph balance. So it is highly recommended to use natural distilled rose water two times per day for effective results. If somehow you forget to use it in the morning, it is highly suggested to never skip this step at night.


It is good to exfoliate your skin for removing the dead skin cells and to open the pores of our skin. Dead skin cells might be made or appeared due to several reasons in our daily life. To gently scrub or exfoliate your face is essential to eradicate the whiteheads and blackheads. Blackheads and whiteheads are the dead skin cells that make our face appear dull and untidy. But be cautious while doing this process, because putting excessive pressure can create redness or rashes on your face that might hurt you.


The exfoliated area is needed to be replenished and the opened pores of skin that requires to be closed, so that the good ingredients present in the mask do not allow the pollutants to enter into the opened pores. There are numerous sorts of masks that are easily accessible to the customers such as green clay for tightening the pores, red clay for purifying the skin, purple clay is known for smoothening the skin of your face, yellow clay for oxygenating and many more. There is a mud mask for in-taking the earthly advantages into your skin follicles.

How to Use Rose Water at Night?


This is the last step in your daily skincare regimen. Mask might cause a little or more dryness in your skin. Moisturizing it deeply rejuvenates and repairs your skin in a shorter time. It also delays the aging process by making your skin firmer. It is advisable to apply the moisturizer twice a day, at night and before heading out in the sunlight because the harmful ultraviolet radiation may damage our skin cells to the extreme.

Benefits of using Rosewater as a toner

Applying rose water twice a day has shown so many benefits to the customers. First is when you wake up in the morning, for a fresh glow on your face. The second time is when your face has accumulated all the dirt and pollutants in your follicles; rose water is the best in providing aid to your skin in eradicating all the dirt from your face. But there are few more pros of using rose water, such as:

Reduces inflammation

Having anti-oxidants and many vital benefits like A, C, and E assist in decreasing redness and rashes that might be occurred due to any of the reasons.


It delays the aging procedure by protecting the skin from wrinkles and dark circles. Aging slower makes your face look fresh and glowing for life, even in your late 50s.

Maintains the ph balance

Highly acidic or alkaline toners interrupt the ph level of the skin. Rosewater is neither excessively acidic nor basic.

Provides hydration

Using rose water twice or thrice a day for 3 weeks continuously keeps the dryness of the skin at bay. It nourishes the skin in the best possible way.

Clean pores

As stated before, rose water helps in the cleansing process as well as, makes the skin of the face look toned and glowing. It readies the face for its next step of scrubbing or exfoliating the dead skin cells.

Regenerate cells

Being a famous anti-oxidant, rose water is known for regenerating the skin cells of epidermis along with removing its dead skin cells.

Soothes mind

The fragrance of rose water soothes and gives peace to our mind by relaxing the nervous system of our body. Applying it all over your face before bedtime will give you a peaceful sleep.

How to Use Rose Water at Night?


The overall suggestion by the expert dermatologists is that you should always use rose water twice a day for beneficial results, but if, in a hurry, you forget to use that in the morning, using it at night is mandatory for great results. Rosewater toner is famous for its healing and rejuvenating properties that work at double speed at night. Use it before going out in the sunlight too, for protecting your face from dangerous ultraviolet rays.