Why Is My Beard Patchy?

Why Is My Beard Patchy?

A beard is a man’s best friend, so it needs to be cared for properly. A man can get various beard issues, but he can get his face in symmetry by taking good care of his facial hair. It demands so much effort and consumes enough time. But if you want to have a delicate skin texture, then it becomes easy for you to look after the surface of your skin.

Why Is My Beard Patchy?


There are numerous reasons to why your beard is looking so patchy

Some of them might be the following:

You do not cleanse well

There are various steps to follow to make the skin under your beard soft and clean. The first step among them is to bathe or wash it thoroughly. Not having beautiful skin under your beard is one of the primary reasons why you have patchy skin. It is strongly recommended by the dermatologists to deeply cleanse the surface of your face for a coarser and thicker beard. You can wash it with a foaming or non-foaming face wash as per your skin type.

You are not exfoliating

The second step after washing your face is to scrub it gently but deeply. If you do not exfoliate once or twice a day, then it can cause your skin in the accumulation of dead skin cells which can appear patchy and untidy on your face. The dead skin cells should be removed frequently, as their assimilation can lead to the formation of more cancerous cells.

Not moisturizing enough

If you do not hydrate your skin daily with a gentle moisturizer, you can get redness, itchiness, and patchiness on your skin. These are some of the reasons why you do not have a thick and coarse beard on your face. A dry look can cause severe skin issues, and this can cause a lack of anti-oxidants on your face. Because many products have anti-aging properties in them. The best moisturizer for beard helps you with the problems of dehydration. Dehydration is regarded as one of the reasons for patchiness occurring in the beard under the skin.

Leaving it wet

When you do not dry out your hair after coming outside the shower, doing this can make the situation worse. It might lead you to the production of lice in your beard. Lice suck the blood from your skin at an extreme level. It also lowers down the energy level of yours. When you do not tap your beard from a soft and dry towel after stepping outside from the bathroom, then it can accumulate moisture in your beard, which is not suitable for its growth and looks.

Not combing the beard

When you do not detangle your hair, then your beard hair might look patchy. Combing your beard hair once or twice a day is highly recommended by the stylists. Combs come in various materials like wooden, plastic, or silicone. Plastic is cheapest and can create itchiness on the skin under your beard. It can be one of the reasons why your beard is looking greasy and patchy.

Not using the right brush

Brushes are known to change the whole symmetry of your face. These are used after the step of combing. The help of combs removes the detangling, but it requires a little effort to design or style your facial hair. The brush comes to your rescue at this point. Brushes are made from different materials such as boar’s hair, which are smooth and give a subtle finish to the beard hair and decrease patchiness.

Not using good sunscreen

Sunscreens are skin savers in the form of thick creams. These are the essential skincare steps that need to be followed every single day. When the Sun has a high ultraviolet index as we all are aware of the fact that the ozone layer is depleting and causing harm to our skin and hair too. Skipping the application of sunscreens is one of the major causes of having a patchy beard.

How to avoid your skin from being patchy?

Patchiness is a severe problem for young men, especially when they have to go urgently for a meeting or event. To prevent patchiness, you must take into consideration the points mentioned above that is some of the reasons for patchiness in the beard. However, there is a solution for every problem, and for this issue, we have listed here a few points that can help you get out from the subject of a patchy beard quickly:

Wash your face deeply

Daily applying and massaging your face with a good face wash can assist in the decrement of a patchy beard. There is a wide variety of face washes available in the beauty market that can provide you aid in cleaning the face thoroughly along with the hair of the beard. You can use foaming or non-foaming face wash as per your suitability. The foam-forming face washes should be used by the people having oily skin. Non-foaming ones are good for dry skin type people. As they have some acidic properties in them.

Exfoliation is a must

This is the second step in the process of making your skin clean and desirable. You should never skip scrubbing your face once or twice a week. How much you should wash is entirely dependent upon various factors that include how much your skin comes in contact with the pollutants and dirt and many more. Sometimes, sebaceous glands secrete more oil due to some hormonal changes occurring in your body.

Moisturize thoroughly

Dehydration is one of the major causes of a patchy beard. It is highly recommended by everyone to apply a gentle moisturizer or cream twice a day, i.e., once before bedtime and secondly, after taking a shower. But do not forget to dry your facial hair before applying the lotion thoroughly.

Comb in the right direction

If you do not use the correct type of comb and use it properly, then it will worsen the situation of detangling. Be cautious while combing your beard to remove patchiness, use the comb in an upward direction with minimum friction required. Using it from starting by the neck to the chin area is the right way to perform this step.

By following these steps adequately, you can get rid away from the issue of patchy beard. It will look sorted then and will give a classy look to your face.